Payout administration

We offer the possibility of taking over the Client's responsibilities related to the administration of payroll payments. The service is available in 3 options:

1. Entering transfers into the Customer's banking system

On the basis of the access to the bank account obtained from Client’s bank (without the possibility of authorizing transfers), we introduce payroll transfers into the bank system. Then we inform the Client on the need to authorize these transfers. This service helps reducing the time spent by the Client on the process.

2. Preparing electronic packs of transfers

We prepare an electronic pack (computer file) containing all the remuneration transfers for a given month. The file format is adapted to the requirements of the Client’s banking system. After receiving the file, the Client imports it into the banking system and then authorizes transfers introduced in this way. The service reduces the burden on the Client from the tedious process of manually entering transfers into the banking system, while at the same time it does not require our company to be granted access to the Client's bank account.

3. Complete takeover of salary payments administration

We open a sub-account dedicated to the Client in our banking system. Once the salaries are calculated, we inform the Client of the total cost of salaries and ask them to transfer the calculated amount to the sub-account. Then, from the funds received we pay salaries and other public and legal charges resulting from the salaries (ZUS / PIT / Bailiffs etc.). This solution is particularly beneficial for Clients wishing to maintain complete secrecy regarding their salaries. Even the Client's employees with access to bank accounts are not able to learn the amounts of salaries of other employees. They can only see one, collective transfer to the bank subaccount of our Accounting Office.