About us

Teresa Brzozowska Ahmad

Since 1990, the BW Corporate Services group has been providing Clients with effective and efficient advice in the areas of audit, tax, accounting, payroll and HR administration, and legal and business consulting.

Our solutions are applied in following sectors: chemical, construction, pharmaceutical, mining, engineering design, transport and logistics, agricultural production, as well as the human services, culture and arts sectors. We support Clients in decision making at an operational and strategic level.

We participate in many undertakings and organisations aimed at protecting the freedom of business development and respecting the dignity of entrepreneurs. We support charity organizations - including Fundacja Brata Alberta (the Brother Albert Foundation), Fundacja Księdza Orione (the Father Orione Foundation) and orphanages.

By working with us, Clients gain access to professional and comprehensive services in the area of business management and the possibility to expand into any market, anywhere in the world. Our wide range of professional advisory services makes us a reliable partner on the road to success.

I look forward to cooperate with you,
Teresa Brzozowska Ahmad - Managing Partner